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Sxlve The Problem in “MY Mystery”

After almost a year, Johannesburg based artist Solve The Problem (infamously known as painkillerpapi) is making a comeback to the scene with his sophomore EP, “mysteryschool”. A recollection of emotions and experiences laced with a laid-back, dreamy but groovy tone.

With no official feature credits and all songs fully produced by 808x, this project gives us an intimate understanding on what’s been going down behind the scenes and in the depths of Solve The Problem’s life since leaving high school. Mystery schools are groups of initiates found all over the world and serve the purpose of enlightening and preserving knowledge known to be forbidden and sacred. The EP see’s Solve The Problem dwelling into different mystical concepts and ideals, unravelling what he’s learned and unlearned thus far. The EP is set to be the calm before the storm after hints of a full-length project were leaked on Instagram. More info on “mystery” merchandise, tour dates and music video releases will all be available at the official Innanetwav website.

Here’s a scoop of some the work done by Sxlve The Problem the genius himself, enjoy.