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"Listen To The Kids"

Still I rise- Shane Eagle

Shane Eagles has once again gifted the game with another beautiful work of art. As we finally get an opportunity to selfishly indulge to the majestic sounds and melodies that the artist has created we now turn to understand what his art represents.

In comparison to his previous work  he has added an element that embodies a deeper touch into his personal life. More importantly what he alters the most in his new album called “Dark Moon Flower” is his learnings throughout his journey in the hip hop industry. His evolution as an artist has left him comparable to none in the hip hop industry, and his lyrical content more often than not dubstep into spirituality and mens ability to connect to the higher ups in times of adversity, making him a healer of broken souls.

Shane Eagles is not known for many features but in this album he has involved quite a few artists into his craft an element perhaps he wanted to use to diversify his work, intriguing as it is there’s a wide array of melodies that the artist has used to capture the listeners mind. Dark Moon Flower provides an open minded prospective into the meaning of growth in a person, since no flower can grow in the dark Shane Eagles has made it his responsibility to prove the odds wrong, and it is clearly shared in his background and upbringing. The artist shares tales of pain, spirituality, success and love in his album and the title itself doesn’t play any form of shortfall to the meaning shared by the artist


Below is the hidden wonders of the artist’s new album enjoy.