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The different faces of FEMICIDE

Violence against women comprises a wide range of acts – from verbal harrasment and other forms of emotional abuse, to daily physical or sexual abuse. At the far end of the spectrum is femicide: the murder of a woman

Femicide volume IV

Over the past few weeks it has become evident to those who were oblivious before that the female gender is under attack, falling victim to Rape and physical violence from the opposite sex, like a decease this trend spreads across the country with no signs of slowing down

I have noticed some prevalent reasons behind femicide that can help Men have a clear understanding of self control and also boundaries.

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Intimate femicide

Femicide committed by a boyfriend or husband a study shows that 35% percent of women in the world are killed by their intimate partners.

Murder in the name of “honor”

Honor’-related murders involve a girl or woman being killed by a male

or female family member for an actual or assumed sexual or behavioural transgression, including adultery, sexual intercourse or pregnancy outside marriage

Dowry-related femicide

Another form of murder of women linked to cultural practices is related to dowry. It occurs primarily in areas of the Indian subcontinent, and involves newly married women being killed by in-laws over conflicts related to dowry, such as bringing insufficient dowry to the family this also extends to African traditions that are in place to objectify women and use them as tools to make the mans life more desirable

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Non-intimate femicide

Femicide committed by someone without an intimate relationship with the victim is known as non-intimate femicide, and femicide involving sexual aggression is sometimes referred to as sexual femicide. Such killings can be random, but there are disturbing examples of systematic and premeditated rape,murders of women across our country and the world

It is clear that femicide plagues us,and action needs to be taken,starting from our sons and little ones changing the narrative of a women’s role in life, questions traditional suggestions passed down from generation to generation probably by someone who took part in the growth of femicide