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Clout Cassette Introduces : The Xeno

Xenophobia which is defined by google dictionary as: A dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries. This prejudice now predominantely exists in our country South Africa and CloutCassette as an entity stands against these demeaning acts in society , we all come from the same seeds that has gave birth to the word Africa and we don’t believe that a single seed from this fertile ground that is Africa should be killed nor harmed.

In the same light we have developed a very special list for the most hilarous moments that have came from this negative experience created by the public and since we are the cadres of ” You are the change you want to see in the world” this list is purely just to bring a smile to the readers face, since ” every negative has a postive”

  1. Former President Jacob Zuma’s statement, when Mr Ramphosa didn’t say a word about the Xenophobia attacks in the country1

2. A norm pedestrian, that made waves on the internet from his speech and the way he addressed matters.

3. This must have been one of the funniest ways of responding to a news reporter

Thats where our list will end  do leave a comment below about your opinion this epidemic in our country.

and from the Clout Cassette team we say #SAYNOTOXENOPHIBIA

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