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The life of “Uyinene” the memoir

It pains to see a nation bleeding out, a nation jeopardising it’s own future. Our mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters and grandmothers in tears as they get killed by the very same man they gave birth to. In this time of sadness, inhumanity and brutality we need unity against the violence not only the femcide issue we are facing but the xenophobic attacks we are experiencing throughout South Africa. This is not a time to be divided, turning our backs on our fellow African brothers but a time to stand against the sickness that has been corrosive to the value and meaning to South Africa as a Rainbow nation.
with the following images we pay tribute to Uyinene
We need to act, we need not only protect the women of our nation but our fellow African brothers. We cannot go from being the oppressed to being the oppressors. It’s our time as the people, as the citizens of South Africa to take a stand and unite against these outrageous acts of violence. Our hearts mourn the loss of all women raped and murdered throughout his year, we need to do better, we need to move forward, we need to become what we have promised a nation that stands together, a nation that protects its African brothers, a nation that protects its women. We need to be a Rainbow Nation.
#RIP Nene