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Her Majesty The Queen Royal Highness

The power in “HER”
“HER’’ being a Queen of Kingdoms,
a Mother of generations,
a President of Nations,
I heard HER power dwells at the tip of resilience and resides in the heart of Father times,
are there nouns or words that our mouths can surrender her power to?
“HER” being a builder of dynasties, we find HER voice giving life to many….
HER presence providing shelter to the broken, is there any limit to her power?
Mystic Gurus have it that
HER love? HER Love is like the alchemist’s elixir, pure and nurturing SHE loves with nocturnal grieve, silent but ever so present, HER touch is known to turn anything into Gold
And HER name being WOMEN, divine and ever so beautiful. -by the Author 

With everyone raving about the Top 10 male MC’s in South Africa, we will be looking at our Queens, who are consistently underrated, but we see what they stand for and represent, so power be upon them.

Starting off with


5) Boity

Quick and agile is a description of her style


4) Fifi Cooper

Sweet melodies, that are a reflection of the mswenko sound is where Fifi’s speciality dwells.


3) Gigi LaMayne

Queen of Puns, witty and ever so accurate in her bars is what embodies Gigi’s music.


2) Nadia Nakai

Aggressive and potent spells out the musician’s taste in music.


1) Rouge

The perfect intellect, Rouge is a fierce warrior, a lady in the flash , a beast on the mic.

That’s our Top  5