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The Weeknd and Bella Breakup good news for fans

Rumours about a breakup between The Weeknd and Bella Hadid have risen, this being just over a year after they got back together.

Sources claim that the reason for this breakup is them not being in the same physical and mental space. This has got to be celebrities’ favourite excuse for failed relationships, nonetheless, sources also claim that they hope to get back together in the future, but at the moment they are focusing on themselves and their projects, while others say they are “working on things”. It is said that the two had been fighting a lot more and the distance made it hard for them to see each other.

The Weeknd has since deactivated his Instagram account, so I think it’s safe to say he’s going through the most which means fans can expect a fire album. This would also be the perfect time for him to bring back his messy dreadlocked haircut. No? Okay. Jokes aside, he did tweet that he was on album mode on Tuesday, so we are definitely getting an album, the breakup would just be a bonus.

Good art rarely comes from happiness, right?