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Facebook: “I am in Control here”

Facebook is known for changing the way we communicate,socialize and the dynamics of advertising in big companies and small businesses all over the world,however the application has lost some of its popularity due to other social platforms that came to pass, social networks such as Instagram and twitter,we can even add WhatsApp to the equation however some people do not know that Facebook holds ownership over WhatsApp and Instagram, well if it was a mystery before consider the mystery revealed, with recent talks of Facebook publicizing its ownership of the two platforms by renaming the the applications by adding “from Facebook” to the names so basically the official name for WhatsApp would be “WhatsApp from Facebook” the same goes for Instagram
Sounds vain if you ask me, Last year there was some infighting between the co-founders of instagram (Kevin Systrom,Mike Krieger) and Mark Zuckerberg which lead to Mark saying “we believe Instagram has been able to use Facebooks infrastructure to grow more than twice as quickly as it would have on its own”.
One of the reasons for the name change confirmed by the information is Facebook wants to be clearer about the products and services that are a part of Facebook.
The name change arrives surrounded by a board anti-trust inquiry launched by the U.S Federal Trade Commission which is evaluating whether Facebook took ownership of the platforms in order to terminate competition in the social media market
Initially the branding of Instagram and WhatsApp was to be kept intact due to the past scandals carried by the Tech giants company however it seems that has all changed and Mark Zuckerberg is calling for rebranding this is most likely going to reposition Facebooks image as this hybrid association of the three social platforms will heighten popularity but this is all speculation considering the fact that most Facebook users only have the application to make their time on Instagram much easier.
Intentions of completely integrating Facebook’s three messaging services Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger by the beginning of 2020 might also be a reason for the name change.This integration will come with reinforced user privacy with end to end encryption preventing anyone other than the ones sending messages to view the content,in the end the changes will come with more than just a long name and blatant Facebook associations.