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Drake is one of the best-selling musical acts in the world,however it seems the 32 year old rappers success came with quite a few lawsuits tied to his first six albums.


These lawsuits have been on going throughout “the 6gods” career, he signed with Aspire Music Group in his formative days, around 2008 there after the label accused Cash Money Records (CM) of failing to meet payments for their due share from Drakes first six musical projects.

Aspire Music Groups base argument centered on its claim that it signed Drake on an exclusive recording agreement in 2008 before the artist struck a deal with the infamous Cash Money Records in June 2009,this is where the clash between Drake, Cash Money and Aspire stems.


Aspire Music Group gave Drake the freedom to record for Cash Money Records, however with certain terms of agreements put in place, one of them being that one-third of the net profits as well as a third of master recording copyrights goes to the Aspire Music Group for Drakes first six albums.In perfect Cash Money Records style Aspire claims to have received decent advances for Drakes six projects as so reported by Billboard,another point added by Aspire was that the Cash Money stables monthly accounting was wrong and irregular for the most part and Aspire was entitled to it but thereafter they stopped receiving the books altogether.Apparently,Cash Money Records made a conscious effort to box Aspire Music Group out of the initial arrangement entirely even though it had the law on its side in terms of legal documentation,the whole saga seemed to have a plethora of legal issues and infighting amongst the people who had Drakes “best interests”in mind but that’s all in the past now, late last week the numerous lawsuits tied to the first six albums were resolved on the 26th of June 2019 ,details of the settlement agreement have not been reveal to the general public but this spells a win for Drake and his Career,he can continue doing what he does best without any “dark legal clouds”lingering over his career