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The Brainchild behind Blank Collection_______?

Astonishing_________? god like vision defines the fashion intuition of the visionary behind Blank Collection, this brand is known to shift boundaries using its fashion apparel and distinctive designs, tailor made to the Tee, the knits provide a solid representation of the creator’s imaginative mind.

What’s the story behind Mr Blank Collection?

Fulufhelo Sibusiso Rathumbu is a 21-year-old that is the founder of this corporation, from an online interview with the fashion mogul his story follows a solid path of hustle, ambition and drive, he has built a brand from the ground up with a mantra of making his family proud as his primary focus. His story starts off in high school where he sold caps to his peers, showcasing the mind of a hustler. From the momentum gained off the sales of caps he then created a brand called Antidote Panda but due to complications in the name he then formulated Blank Collection_____? from there, all was history, resilience is a word that’s attached to his story and there’s nothing  that can take that away from him . Many comparing him to Virgil Abloh from his frequent use of different textiles and materials to create his art there’s something truly special about this brand.

He nowadays works with the likes of Speedsta, Dj Vigilante, Dj Capital, Thabisa, and Kwesta, and shares his art with motion by giving them fits that are a description of their characters as artists

Fulufhelo has shaped the fashion industry with his fits, a trait that’s so synonymous with the upcoming fashion designers today, the difference with him is that, his leading the wave, from roof top fashion shows to bagging accolades like “the  best clothing brand of the year” in the 012 central awards, is there stopping this fashion maestro?…… I guess we’ll never know

Make sure to catch his treads on Instagram: @MrblankCollection

Speak about humble beginnings………