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Try Again: “Everyday a star is born”

In Try Again, the music industry has birthed the mind of a virtuoso, authentic, pure and true to his origins. The artist’s background reveals a story of many beginnings with no end

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Try Again has a tale not many can relate to, and through his unique story, he has owned up to being diverse in everything he does, a highlight of such a principle being his music.

An introduction into the artist’s life starts at age 12 with a reincarnation that sees the birth of the artist,  he moved  from Port Elizabeth to the UAE  and living there for a year where he then shifted countries again to live at  Switzerland for  the next two years and at the age of 16 he came back home to South Africa with a sudden realization that there’s no ‘place like home , balancing a life of travel and never settling which has been a primary focus of the artist’s existence, a trait that has built a very versatile person in character and in spirit.

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At age 18 he found his first love “Music” and has never looked back ever since. A display of his art explores creative expressions that aren’t common in today’s visuals nor written speech.  His adventurous instinct is a dominating factor in his music, creating a limitless vision of what he could create. His only 21 and for him to be moving like this at this age, plays on the theory of what “purpose and where it can take you” truly means.

His recent work brings into line combinations of an EP called purple diamonds, with so far only dropping the visuals for 30 rocks, a song he created through musical impulse, something very common for a mastermind. The video for 30 rocks strongly shows the story of the artist in impeccable visuals with a dominating feel of the Port Elizabeth ocean and beach fronts, the artist shares a very deep sentiment to such parts of his Hometown and uses such scenery to tell his story better.

Try Again has told a tale of many cities using his art and his existence as an artist provides a clear definition of purpose not having a timeline to its fulfillment , and that when its your time nothing can get in your way

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