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Wave Season: simple steps on how to get waves

The controversial durag is timeless.  Originating from the 1970’s as a prison fashion statement with the likes of G-unit and D12 jumping on the trend. The historical durag was initially invented to keep your hair in place, so it does not coil up into its natural state.

The wave era was defined by the creation of the durag, the joint action of brushing and preserving your hair, the diversity of this cloth then broke into the fashion complex in the 90’s defining the Hip-Hop Style. Creating its own culture, people would not even wear the durag correctly, yet just to fit in.

The current culture includes durags,  you have the likes of Big Hash and Frank Casino, not only as a symbol of Hip-Hop but the culture it constitutes. In our current day; waves, Hip-Hop and fashion define the very diverse era we live in.